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DigAll Media, a 501(c)(3) San Francisco based non-profit organization, was organized to create media, which deepen public understanding of issues that effect our lives, expand cultural, environmental and global awareness, educate a diverse population, empower the disenfranchised, and initiate personal and social change. DigAll Media’s current documentary Painted Nails is supported by advisors and advocates from California Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative, Women’s Voices of the Earth, The Women’s Foundation of California and The Environmental Protection Agency. DigAll Media, along with this collaborative network will reach a wide audience including Vietnamese and Asian communities; cosmetology students, workers & owners; healthcare workers; women, immigrants; environmental and reproductive justice advocates; community and academic researchers; green business leaders & policy makers. Co-founders Dianne Griffin and Erica Jordan, interested in giving a voice to underserved populations have worked in many different communities in the Bay Area and throughout the world. Listed is some of the work produced by Griffin and Jordan.

Painted Nails

In Painted Nails, Van Hoang, a Vietnamese immigrant nail salon owner makes it clear she has nothing to hide. A story that starts with isolation and unfolds into an empowerment tale, opens in the salon as Van eats Pho and paints pretty designs on her clients’ nails. When Van learns the health risks posed by the salon chemicals, she summons her courage to testify in Washington and confronts her fears for her unborn baby.