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Dianne Griffin was born in Kansas where the endless horizon of the plains left their mark on her vision. Ms. Griffin brings her sense of humor, skills of observation and appreciation of people’s differences into her cinematic stories. Griffin’s work spans a diverse range of productions, from documentaries, independent features, commercials, and photography to projects specifically designed for streaming media. As producer and director of the documentary White Hotel, Ms. Griffin followed an American HIV research team to Eritrea, Africa. Her father’s death as the filming began quickly shattered her objectivity and the film shifted from journalistic inquiry into an intimate investigation of her own capacities to love suffer and forgive.

White Hotel was chosen to open the New Director Series at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, and was shown at the Harvard Film Archive and the United Nations Association Film Festival (UNAFF) at Stanford University. White Hotel was also selected to join the permanent documentary collection at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. The prestigious Jane Balfour Films LTD, out of London, England, distributed the film worldwide. White Hotel can be purchased directly on Amazon.com. The success of White Hotel provided Griffin with a variety of projects to choose from.

She line-produced Michael Moore’s The Big One, was second unit director on the feature film What About Cuba? produced for Yahoo!’s Dawn of Streaming Media, and directed and produced documentaries for the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Women’s Global Fund (WGF). Actively involved in the documentary film community, Dianne Griffin chairs the United Nations Association Film Festival and is a long-term jurist for the San Francisco International and Mill Valley Film Festivals.

FILMS – by Dianne Griffin
Women Empowering Women, (2008) documentaries about outstanding organizations in Mongolia, China and Thailand, for Women’s Global Fund
Jewels of the Mekong, (2006) Shot in Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and China, produced for United Nations Development Program
Beyond the Mountain, (2005) Shot entirely in Nepal, produced for UN Development Program
Film Inside the Bay, (2002) six short profiles about outstanding San Francisco Bay Area film and video professionals, produced for Sundance Channel
White Hotel, (1997) feature length Documentary, Eritrea, Africa, independently produced

Women’s Global Fund – Women Empowering Women global screenings 2008 through present.
United Nations Development Program – Jewels of the Mekong, Beyond the Mountain, ongoing screenings
Sundance Channel – Film Inside the Bay, televised 2002
Two Boots Den of Cin, White Hotel New York 2001
Long Beach Museum of Modern Art, White Hotel, 20 Questions: Person, Place or Thing, 1999
United Nations Film Festival, White Hotel, Building a Society for All Ages, Stanford University, CA, 1999
Museum of Modern Art of New York, White Hotel, Selected for New Directors Series, New York,1997
Women Make Waves (WMW) White Hotel, Film and Video Festival, Taipei, Taiwan 1998
Harvard Film Archive, White Hotel, Reverse Angel Series, Boston, Massachusetts January– 1997
Zanzibar International Film Festival, White Hotel, Zanzibar, Africa 1998
The Cultural Center of The Philippines Independent Film & Video, White Hotel, Philippines 1998
Black Maria Film and Video Festival, White Hotel, New Jersey 1997
Roxie Cinema, Calendar Screening, San Francisco, California, 1997
Seattle Art Museum and 911 Media Arts Center, White Hotel, Featured Event, Seattle, WA, 1997
Documental, Independent Attitude Series, White Hotel, Santa Monica, California, March 1997
Indiana University, World Aids Day Series, White Hotel, Collection of Wells Media, Indiana, 1997
The Red Vic, Calendar Screening, White Hotel, San Francisco, California, January 4, 1997
Channel 4, London, England 1997
Free Speech TV (FStv), Boulder, Colorado 2000

PERMANENT COLLECTIONS (for White Hotel – feature documentary)
Permanent Collection Library of Congress
African Video Collections – Harvard College Library , Boston Mass
University of Minnesota, Human Rights Library
The Africa Collections at Stanford University
Lemieux Library, Seattle, Washington
James Madison Library, African Collection
Maryknoll World Video Library, JMU Africa Collection
African Collection, University of Idaho, Idaho
University of Washington, AIDS-World Health Collection, Washington
UC Merced Library, Merced, California
Great River Regional Library, New York

GRANTS: The Puffin Foundation Ltd. Artist’s Grant – 2009 for Painted Nails

San Francisco Film Society, FilmHouse Residency Award, 2010
Audience Award, Zanzibar International Film Festival, White Hotel, 1998
Selected Colds Springs Workshop, sponsored by Miramax Films, White Hotel, New York, 1996
Honorable Mention, Black Maria Film and Video Festival, White Hotel 199

Jury Chairman for United Nations Film Festival since inception, Stanford University, 1998-2013
Juror Panelist for the Golden Gate Awards San Francisco International Film Festival, 1995-2008
Documentary Juror for Mill Valley Film Festival, 2001-2008
Juror – Playground Theatre, Short Film Competition-The mission of PlayGround is to support the development of new local voices for the theatre 2012

California State University, Communications Department, Hayward, California 1997
UC California, Film Studies Department, Berkeley, California 1998-2001
Stanford University, Humanities Department, Stanford, California 1998-2013

THE DREAM ACT -Stanford University UNAFF – 2012

Feed South Africa

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Amazon 2000-2013
Distributed World Wide by Jane Balfour Films LTD, out of London, England 1997

United Nations Association Film Festival Advisory Board • International Documentary Association